Purpose: To educate and prepare members for the rank of CPT and it's rank responsibilities.


Abbreviation CPT 

Description: This position is given to those Lieutenants who may become eligible for a promotion after 5 weeks of training and experience in KGC.

Requirements: Successful fulfillment of the Lieutenant rank for at least 2 weeks time

Duties: Organizing activities for the squad, setting up squad meetings for generals, forwarding the leaders messages to the squad, recruiting and staying active on the 

KGC Forums. They must have full knowledge of the Rank Structure. They are the ones to suggest which Sergeants should be promoted to Lieutenants and they also are responsible of reporting any larger problems of the squad to the General directly. First Captain is the person who runs the squad when the GEN/MAJ/COL is not present, and designates operations of squad teams (Headhunters).

Reports to: General and up.

Comments: They are the right hand of the General to run and build the squad, they are learning how to run the squad with the goal to become General when there is a need to fill the rank.

Captains should be knowledgeable in the KGC Code of Conduct and KGC Policies. They should be well educated on how to give workshops and hold meetings.

This rank comes with a lot of responsibilities as it is the first line of defense in the chain of command for issues within the squad. CPTs are in leadership roles in the community and in their squad. They should always be on the lookout for members who are excelling at their ranks and who are ready for promotions. They should be actively seeking out those members who need training and facilitating those workshops.





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