Purpose: To understand the rank responsibilities and requirements for those members approaching LT rank.


Abbreviation: LT 

Description: This position is given to those Sergeants who may become eligible for a promotion after 3 weeks of training and experience in KGC.

Requirements: Successful fulfillment of the Master Sergeant rank in the Eyes of the squad leaders.

Duties: Helping their Captains with squad activities and the squad lists. A lieutenant should know and understand how to run background checks on the new members. They must being fully trained in recruiting techniques and know the Code of Conduct and Rank Structure. They are responsible for solving minor problems and recruiting new members. Their Span of Control of members is up to 20 members.

Reports to: Captains and General.

Comments: They should be role models for Sergeants, and Privates.

At this point, it is generally acceptable to give scenario based questions to help give the trainee a better understanding of issues that may come to them and what they should do. They should be aware of what issues they can take care of themselves and which issues need to be taken up the chain of command. 

Your trainee should know how to facilitate a game night or help lower ranking members with game nights. 

Your trainee should be aware that this rank hold responsibility. If they feel they can not handle that responsibility or do not want to, let them know that this is a voluntary position. If they do choose so later they should inform the general that they are ready.





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